Expanding Options with IP: A New Perspective on Designing Industrial Security Systems

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Topic: Expanding Options with IP: A New Perspective on Designing Industrial Security Systems

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IP has changed the way people are thinking about security for their industrial environments. With the vast capability for collecting and analyzing data that comes with an IP-based security system, the mission is no longer simply surveillance, but an integrated security system.

With IP-based systems, the underlying architecture is central to the strategy. IP enables you to build systems that

  • provide greater flexibility
  • aggregate more and better data more quickly
  • archive, recover and manipulate data fast when the need arises for security forensics work
  • reduce the cost of extending or modifying security requirements

GarrettCom, Inc. gives an overview of IP technology today, describes key infrastructure tools and techniques such as redundant rings, industrially hardened switches, Power over Ethernet, and software for managing cyber security and throughput, and then offers several applications scenarios that demonstrate how you can utilize the power and flexibility of IP-based solutions and interface with corporate IT infrastructure.

The future is IP, and this Webinar gives you the tools you need to grasp it now.

Theron J. Roe, RCDD
Area Manager, Eastern N. America, GarrettCom, Inc.

TJ is a Registered Communications Distribution Designer and has been involved with the design and integration of data, video and voice applications for over 22 years. TJ served for 10 years as the Chair of the Standards Committee for the BICSI organization, he has been a speaker at telecommunications industry functions and ISA meetings, published articles on various aspects of communications technology, and presented a paper before a UN technical conference in NYC. Prior to joining GarrettCom, TJ was the Vice-President and Director of Field Engineering for Fiber Optic Services, Inc. He has designed and worked as project manager on installations for a wide variety of industrial facilities including Fortune 500 companies, power utilities, chemical companies, and surveillance and operations networks for rail and roadway transportation.

A Q&A session was held during the last 15 minutes of the Webinar.

This live webinar took place on Thursday, November 20, 2008.

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