Using IP Card Reader bridges to run Physical Access Control as an Active Directory application

For 40 years the physical security industry has been dominated by proprietary control hardware for controlling door access. IT and security departments constantly struggle with converging or maintaining separate physical and IT security databases. This webinar will educate attendees about how inexpensive powered or POE IP bridges with built-in inputs, outputs and card reader ports allow readers to run on existing networks and eliminate the cost of separate hardware.

By eliminating control panels in favor of decisions made on servers, attendees will learn how physical security is migrating to a pure IT software application and simple schemas contained within Active Directory or other IT platforms.

In addition attendees will learn how the new architecture allows users to:

  • dramatically reduce overall cost of ownership
  • move physical access control to the policy level using Xacml
  • take advantage of new IT developments including fault tolerant solutions, Software as a Service and the Cloud.
  • simplify FIPS 201 deployments
February 23, 2011
TIME: 2:00PM EST - 1:00PM CST - 11:00AM PST

Stephen Pineau, CEO, Viscount Systems Inc.
Stephen Pineau is a veteran of the security industry and has been CEO of Viscount Systems Inc. since 1997. He was previously founder and CEO of a security integrator. Mr. Pineau has written numerous articles on the future of physical security as an IT application and has spoken at various industry events

Duration: 1 Hour