Aligning your physical security infrastructure with your organizational growth strategy

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This webinar occured on:  May 23, 2012

What do you get when you combine heavy merger/acquisition/divestiture activity, a highly regulated industry, an end of life, home grown, physical identity management solution, and several disparate electronic security systems platforms? You’ve identified an opportunity to create value, efficiencies, and return on investment.

Learn how several global organizations have executed enterprise security risk management strategies to clearly define a vision of the future and innovative solutions to solve critical business problems and lower risk.

Key learings from this session:
  • Overcome the challenges created through Corporate M&A activity in the physical security organization
  • Create one business process for on-boarding/off-boarding and change management of physical identities
  • Increase efficiency and lower cost of security operations
  • Centrally managed and standardized security policies
  • Provide business intelligence (e.g. occupancy utilization)
  • Increase efficiency and create a better user experience
  • Build platform for efficient integration with future

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This webinar occured on:  May 23, 2012


Laurie Aaron,
Vice President of Business Development and Corporate Marketing, Quantum Secure
At Quantum Secure, Ms. Aaron oversees all Corporate Marketing initiatives and is responsible for developing Vertical Market programs. In addition, Ms. Aaron has been directly responsible for some of Quantum Secures largest strategic customers such as San Francisco Airport, Oracle worldwide, the Empire State Building and the new World Trade Center in New York City. Ms. Aaron also plays a leadership role in Quantum Secures technology partner alliance strategies, developing partner agreements and go-to-market strategies with partners such as Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) manufacturers, Physical Access Control System (PACS) manufacturers and logical identity and access solution providers.

Ms. Aaron has over 16 years experience in the physical security industry with particular focus on the convergence of IT security with Physical Security. She has previously been a top performer in Sales Management positions at Tyco, Ingersoll Rand and HID Corp.

Ms. Aaron was voted to the Board of Directors for Security Industry Association (SIA) beginning January 2012. As such she will participate, on Quantum Secures behalf, in several industry working groups and standards initiatives. A strong proponent of the concept of converging Physical security with Information Security and Technology, she engaged with the Open Security Exchange (OSE) from inception in 2004 and served on the Board and is stepped down as Chairman of the Board in December 2011. Ms. Aaron is also an active member in American Society for Industrial Security International (ASIS) and has conducted several educational seminars for ASIS over the past 5 years. Ms. Aaron holds a B.S. degree in Marketing with two years concentrated in Engineering from the University of Connecticut.

Rodnie Williams, CEO, North Arrow Group
Rodnie Williams is CEO of North Arrow Group, a company that helps organizations create value (ROI) and realize increased profits through security and risk management programs. His background uniquely combines business planning, process design and project implementation paired with expertise in risk management. Williams is a nationally recognized expert and speaker in the areas of enterprise security risk management (ESRM), security and safety.

Across a wide range of small businesses and Fortune 100 companies, Williams has delivered results and profitability throughout his 25 years in the corporate world, successfully leading teams in Strategic Planning, Business Process Design, New Business Development, Security, and Information Practices, among other areas. He is highly regarded by both peers and clients as a change agent, offering superior skills in quickly identifying and creatively solving strategic and organizational problems via teambuilding and collaboration.

Duration: 1 Hour