Deploying Mission-Critical Communications Networks

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This webinar occured on: June 28, 2012

When disasters and emergencies occur, response organizations and government public safety agencies require immediate communications support to save lives, establish relief operations, and provide ongoing assistance in affected communities. This session will discuss the benefits an organization can gain by deploying a communications vehicle. Cisco’s Network Emergency Response Vehicle (NERV) is a mobile communication center designed to provide interoperable communications in emergency situations. Examples and lessons learned from NERVs in many major exercises and disasters such as Hurricanes Katrina and Irene, the Joplin tornados, the Haitian earthquake and the Japan tsunami will be used to demonstrate the effectiveness and resilience of these solutions for disaster response
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Public safety agencies need to be able to integrate public safety communications radios, together with carrier networks, 3G/4G, LTE, P25 networks for mobile command, an also increasingly use any device to reach experts on their tablets, smartphones, examples such as San Diego Harris Fires, who integrated their communications and radio dispatch operations for improved coordination and response, and lessons learned from these deployments and others will be shared.  Cisco Control


cisco catherine nelson Catherine Blackadar Nelson, Network Consulting Engineer, Cisco Tactical Operations

Catherine Blackadar Nelson has over 20 years experience in emergency response and has participated in many responses including Hurricane Katrina, the Haitian earthquake, and the Japan 2011 earthquake/tsunami. She is an advisor to multiple organizations, including the UN, USAID and FEMA to provide guidance in disaster and remote communications.

Catherine is currently an engineer on the Cisco Tactical Operations team, which specializes in providing disaster and mobile communications during the critical phase of an emergency. She provides engineering expertise, logistical support, responder training and is the primary developer of incident tracking and disaster management tools. She has a patent pending for Security Risk Modeling, is a private pilot, HAM radio operator, and a member of the Cisco Emergency Medical Response Team. She holds a B.A. in computer science specializing in security, internet technologies, and communications.

cisco dan omalley Dan O'Malley, Senior Product Manager - Cisco Physical Security Business Unit

Dan O'Malley serves as senior product manager for Cisco's Physical Security Business Unit and was a recent speaker at the IWCE Conference as part of the Smart Cities seminar track on municipal video surveillance. Dan is an expert in developing communication solutions on radio networks for mission critical applications that include voice, video, and data.

Duration: 1 Hour