The Next Big Thing: Security Intelligence and Predictive Risk Analytics

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This webinar occured on:  July 19, 2012

Diverse sources of information and varying types of data – Personnel Records, IT, Video, and Access Control etc., make traditional methods to detect risks obsolete. Learn how integrating IT, Physical and even Plant related access information with continuous monitoring as well as IT – OT integration is delivering unprecedented capabilities to conduct predictive risk analytics to stop incidents and malicious ‘insider’ behavior cold in their tracks.

AlertEnterprise delivers the ability to leverage big data. Through its risk analysis engine, AlertEnterprise combines information from Identity Management Systems, HR, and other sources with physical access control and video surveillance to deliver strikingly clear signals and awareness of a looming incident or event.

No longer is it considered acceptable to utilize your security systems to respond to and analyze an incident only after it has occurred. Join experts to learn how you too can achieve these benefits without replacing any equipment, and continue to leverage your existing investments in Access Control and Video Surveillance / CCTV, to eliminate silos across the organization to deliver real-time analytics, true situational awareness and bullet-proof security.

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This webinar occured on:  July 19, 2012


Brandon Reich, Director Customer Marketing, Systems for Honeywell Security

Jasvir Gill, Founder & CEO, AlertEnterprise

Alert Enterprise

Duration: 1 Hour