Physical Security as a Logical Security Schema Extension, Why Active Directory and the Cloud Changes Everything

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This webinar occured on:  September 26, 2012

This webinar will discuss the latest trend in identity management; how physical security as a schema extension of logical security is poised to disrupt the costly control panel model by spawning new opportunities for those wanting to lower the transaction cost of doing business and enable new capabilities for enterprises.

Attendees will learn how Physical and Logical Security are essentially the same thing. Physical security creates permissions to access physical assets such as doors and elevators while logical security creates permissions to access logical assets such as files and printers. With this new approach physical access control simply consists of a software application attached to an Active Directory schema extension with IP encryption bridges that trigger door locks and monitor alarms. Access control components are simply different types of MAC address to be managed within the LACS system.

The session will discuss the drivers for this migration including identity management, the upcoming FIPS 201-2 federal government standard, lower cost, and cyber security. Finally, the webinar will expand on this concept by discussing how physical security as a software application dramatically improves the ROI equation for clients looking to migrate to the Cloud.

Come and learn more about these emerging tools and frame the opportunity for you.

  • Why it makes sense to use Microsoft Active Directory and LDAP for both logical and physical access.
  • How unified systems improve the effectiveness of enterprise security risk management, cyber security initiatives and compliance.
  • How unified PACS/LACS platforms are complying with intent of FIPS 201 at a much lower cost.
  • How removing the control panel component dramatically improves the ROI model for clients wishing to migrate to the Cloud.
  • How this simplifies the migration path to new technologies including mobile applications.
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This webinar occured on:  September 26, 2012

Stephen Pineau, CEO, Viscount Systems Inc.
Stephen Pineau has been President and CEO of Viscount Systems since 1998. Under his direction the company has evolved from a telecommunications provider to a company specializing in disrupting the security industry's traditional hardware centric model to an open software based model.

Viscount is the market leader in FIPS 201 compliant unified PACS/LACS solutions. Its flagship Freedom platform eliminates the cost of control panels in favor of a PACS schema extension of the LACS platform. Multiple instances of the software can protect against network disruption or individual server failure. Doors are controlled using low cost IP encryption bridges that communicate directly to local or Cloud servers. Each IP bridge has a MAC address that is populated in the LACS schema. Viscount extends traditional LACS permissions to include security rules and roles such as door schedules, card access groups, door monitoring, and security alarms to eliminate the separate PACS programming GUI.

Duration: 1 Hour