Essential Components of Effective Crisis / Emergency Management Plans

No matter what the nature or magnitude is of a “Crisis / Emergency” incident, there are key components that must be included in planning and implementation strategies. These essential elements will be identified and their impact on achieving successful outcomes will be demonstrated by reviewing actual case histories from the public and private sectors.

The participant will be able to:

  • Identify the critical elements that must be included in a crisis / emergency management plan and how these functions are implemented during an incident response.
  • Describe the three major reasons why organizations fail to properly implement their crisis / emergency management plan during a response.
  • Conduct a Command & Control audit of their organization’s crisis / emergency management plan.
  • Identify scalability requirements in their organizational structure to be able to properly respond to mass casualty and extended duration incidents.
  • List the top three reasons that crisis / emergency plans are not tested and exercised and the solutions that can help correct this problem.

: April 18, 2013
TIME: 11:00AM EST - 10:00AM CST - 8:00AM PST

Kevin Mellott, President, ERASE Enterprises

Kevin Mellott is an internationally recognized speaker and author in the safety, security, and emergency planning industry. His background in personal and public safety is extensive with a career spanning over three decades. Kevin has worked in government and private sector organizations and he currently serves as the president of ERASE Enterprises. He has served as a command officer and Incident Commander at many complex and life-threatening emergency incidents.

He has developed training programs and emergency plans for many organizations that operate in high threat environments both in domestic and international locations. The following represent a few of the notable events that Mr. Mellott developed Crisis/Emergency Management Plans for: The White House Conference on Travel and Tourism, the City of Dallas Y2K New Year’s Eve Celebration, numerous Microsoft Global Summits, the Advocare International Success School & the Advocare 500 NASCAR event, various 2011 Super Bowl Special Events, and many other domestic and international fixed facility plans.


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Duration: 1 Hour