Lowering Video Surveillance Cost & Improving Performance with Centralization

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This webinar occurred on:  August 7, 2013

As video surveillance technology becomes indispensable in public safety and law enforcement around the world, the main concern on everyone’s mind is: cost! How can my organization reduce cost of video surveillance, and what is the best implementation for my environment? In this webinar, Video Insight Chief Technical Officer James Whitcomb will discuss leveraging your legacy systems and how to reduce hardware, software and infrastructure cost with Centralization.

Topics covered
  • Why centralize video surveillance?
  • How to reduce capital investment
  • Leveraging existing infrastructure
  • Reducing hardware and storage cost
  • How to maximize number of cameras without losing performance
  • Video Surveillance across multiple locations
  • Advantages of mobile / web applications

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This webinar occurred on:  August 7, 2013


James Whitcomb, Chief Technical Officer of Video Insight, Inc.

Chief Technical Officer James Whitcomb oversees technology and product development for award-winning Video Insight, a video surveillance software developer with an installed base of 25,000 customers and 4,500 educational institutions. A security industry professional with his finger on the pulse of best practices, Whitcomb is often called upon to provide expert analysis and has authored several security trade publication articles. Whitcomb has been awarded the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, the University of Houston Business School Future 500 and the Better Business Torch Award.

Duration: 1 Hour