Challenging Conventional Wisdom: The New Breed of Affordable Thermal Security Solutions

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This webinar occurred on:  August 21, 2013

New security products are being introduced to the market on an almost daily basis. Security and Surveillance Systems Integrators have more tools today to address their vulnerabilities than ever before. Yet, many security professionals are still behind the curve when it comes to providing comprehensive, reliable coverage, day and night.

Thermal imaging solutions are now addressing vulnerabilities in current systems and solving problems for Security and Surveillance Systems Integrators world-wide. In this webinar we will examine common security product offerings, their strengths and weaknesses, and evaluate thermal imaging as a solution to traditional security products’ limitations.

Topics Covered:
  • The technology behind thermal imaging
  • Evaluating traditional security and surveillance products: Visible CCTV Cameras, IR Illuminators, Hybrid Low-light Cameras
  • Overcoming environmental performance challenges with thermal imaging
    • Smoke, fog and haze
    • Obscurants such as foliage
    • Bloom or glare from external lighting
    • Reliable analytics, day and night
    • Extreme temperature variances
  • A look into the future of thermal imaging for security and surveillance applications

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This webinar occurred on:  August 21, 201


Greg Christison, Senior Director, Commercial Products
Mr. Christison oversees all product management and product development for the WatchMaster® portfolio and uncooled commercial products. 

Joe Anders, Director, Channel Sales
Mr. Anders manages the domestic channel for DRS commercial security products to include the WatchMaster® portfolio of products.

Duration: 1 Hour