The Effectiveness and ROI of Video Based Prevention Solutions

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This webinar occurred on:  September 18, 2013

The vast majority of today’s video surveillance solutions merely record crime for forensic purposes. Unfortunately, a crystal clear evidence tape isn’t likely to bring back your stolen goods or pay for the damage to your property. If evidence alone isn’t enough, then this webinar is for you!

Rather than simply recording crime, VideoIQ devices use real-time analytics to differentiate between legitimate threats and benign scene activity – virtually eliminating false alarms and increasing guard efficiency. By giving you the ability to act on events that matter when they matter most, VideoIQ solutions help prevent crime before it occurs, saving time and money. With prevention the focus, most VideoIQ customers see a significant return on investment after only the first or second avoided incident. Plus, consider your valuable time wasted with post incident paperwork and follow up – ugh, the headache of it all. Gain peace of mind with a solution that works for you 24/7/365.

Join VideoIQ’s President and CTO, Mahesh Saptharishi, as he examines the effectiveness of prevention based video surveillance and the potential ROI from implementing such solutions. Key talking points include:

  • Proactive vs. reactive surveillance
  • Effectiveness of analytics vs. traditional motion-based alarms
  • Real world applications demonstrating real-time response in action
  • Actual cases of significant ROI using video analytics

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This webinar occurred on:  September 18, 2013


Dr. Mahesh Saptharishi is the co-founder, president and chief geek (a.k.a CTO) at VideoIQ. He leads technology innovation, development, sales and marketing. He is a published author with extensive R&D experience in machine learning, computer vision, data analytics, sensor technologies and distributed systems.

Duration: 1 Hour