Be More Competitive Adding Commercial Accounts with Wireless Commercial Fire

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This webinar occurred on:  October 30, 2013

This webinar is designed to help security professionals learn to win accounts with more cost-competitive/attractive proposals, using new technologies & labor savings available in today’s Commercial Fire Systems, incorporating multi-technology device types, and especially today’s Commercial-Grade Wireless Fire detectors. With a savings of up to 75% of the labor time, UL Commercial Grade Wireless Fire Devices are well worth exploring, having been field-proven reliable for use in many installation applications, including harsh environments. They save labor costs and eliminate long wire runs of expensive wire in commercial systems. Real-world application scenarios will be stressed, to assist attendees become more successful in advantageously estimating, selling and installing commercial systems, using more expedient, reliable technologies.

Used seamlessly amidst systems incorporating conventional and/or addressable devices, additional benefits for using commercial wireless devices, include more system-zone availability and new reliable reporting and device supervision capabililties. While wireless devices may cost more than analogous hardwired components, the installation cost savings will far outweigh a hardwired system, especially if installed in an existing structure, as in retrofit installations. Also as needed, wireless devices can be more easily removed or repositioned if the structure or coverage needs to be changed. Lastly, new techniques for using wireless sensors grouped to trigger notification appliances on Fire alarms will be discussed. These options are also available to commercial systems dealers who incorporate intrusion detection within a fire system. Choosing the right wireless and compliance agency testing procedures of commercial grade wireless devices will also be covered.

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This webinar occurred on:  October 30, 2013


Ron Kruk, is Product Manager for Fire and Life Safety for Napco Security Technologies.

His expert background includes training, installation, specification and distribution of fire systems, peripherals, notification appliances & devices, spanning over 2 decades. He also conducts a live weekly webinar on commercial systems including live Q&A every Wed. at 10am EST. He can be reached at Napco 1-800-645-9330 ext. 374 or

Duration: 1 Hour

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