Lowering the Cost of School and Campus Access Control

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This webinar occurred on:  October 31, 2013

This webinar will discuss how schools, campuses and high-security facilities including US Federal Government agencies are saving up to 75% compared to traditional access control technology by using PSAP (Physical Security Application Platforms).

PSAP eliminates the need for expensive access control panels by using a software application to control doors that is hosted on local or cloud servers. Door control is enabled using IP encryption bridges that that connect to existing networks and bypass the need for a proprietary cable backbone.

Attendees will learn how PSAP systems save additional money and complication by eliminating the need for separate platforms for access control, alarm, lockdown and visitor management. Finally, attendees will learn how PSAP creates new opportunities to secure facilities using mobile devices, NFC and QR codes to initiate emergency mustering, emergency communications, first responder access, and school lockdown. Highlights include:

  • The basics of PSAP for local, campus or district wide deployments
  • Using mobile devices to initiate school lockdown and mustering using NFC and QR code technology
  • Using Microsoft Active Directory as the physical security management tool
  • The basics of PSAP visitor management and badging software
  • Cloud based PSAP
REGISTER Below to view the ONDemand Version 
This webinar occurred on:  October 31, 2013

Stephen Pineau ,
President and CEO of Viscount Systems Inc. since 1997. Previously he founded and was the President of BMT, a security integrator. Mr. Pineau is an industry visionary who has spoken extensively at industry events on the future of of physical security, unified physical/logical security, mobile devices and the Cloud

Duration: 1 Hour