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HID Global – Physical Security on the Edge

While traditional solutions for integrating physical and logical access have historically been intrusive, difficult to deploy and very costly, a new generation of access control solutions that are IP-enabled are paving the way for organizations to make what once was a futuristic scenario, a viable reality. HID Global is meeting these security challenges head on with its new Edge™ Family of IP-based access solutions.

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The AI (R)Evolution of Enterprise Security

The AI (R)Evolution of Enterprise Security: PDF

Today, the threats to enterprise workplace safety are more diverse, and have greater consequences both financially and in human form, than ever before. Workplace violence incidents, whether homicide or simple assault, are extremely costly to companies.

Perimeter and Intruder Security for Educational Establishments: Asset

Keeping students, teachers, visitors and educational facilities safe from criminal activity is a task which must be taken seriously. GJD and LILIN Americas have created this white paper to provide recommendations on how intrusion detection technology, combined with IP video surveillance systems, integrate to provide versatile security solutions for educational buildings.

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