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7 Ways You Can Secure a High-Traffic Commercial Security Gate  

Your commercial security gate is one of your most powerful tools to keep thieves off your property.

Your commercial security gate is one of your most powerful tools to keep thieves off your property. Without a security gate, your commercial perimeter security plan is all for nothing. A dependable high-traffic gate and access control system are vital to protecting your business by deterring criminals while providing convenient entry for authorized individuals. Finding the right balance of security versus convenience is what choosing the best high-traffic security gate is all about.  

Types of Commercial Security Gate Access Control 
Choosing the right high-traffic gate access control system means finding a system that works for your business’s unique needs, will provide the correct level of security, and that your employees, vendors, and visitors will find easy to use.

Here are seven options for securing your high-traffic perimeter security gate:

1. Intercom-based front gate security
With an intercom-based gate security system, guests talk into an intercom to security personnel inside the property. This security personnel uses the voice on the intercom and a video surveillance camera to verify the visitor’s identity and grant access. Intercom-based gate control is often used with another type of access control system.  

2. RFID gate access control system
An RFID gate access control system uses radio frequency identification to open the gate for authorized users. An RFID tag is attached to vehicles that belong to the business or are regularly permitted on the property. An RFID reader at the gate reads the tag and automatically opens the gate for the vehicle. RFID is a quick option that can let many vehicles pass through a high-traffic gate quickly because there is no need to pull out a cell phone, swipe a key card, talk on an intercom, etc.  

3. Cellular gate access control system
A cellular gate access control system allows authorized personnel to open a security gate via an app on their phones.  

4. Vehicle license plate detection access control system
A vehicle license plate detection control system uses a license plate reader to identify vehicles with proper access to the property and automatically open the gate for them. License plate recognition software can also alert your team if vehicles that have been banned from your property attempt to enter so your security team can be dispatched

5. Key cards and fobs
A key card or fob system allows users to swipe a key card or fob at a reader at the gate to enter the property. Key cards and fobs are individually programmed with unique numbers and cannot be easily duplicated, making them more secure than PIN codes or standard keys. Also, a lost key card or fob number can be deleted immediately so that it does not become a security issue if found and used by unauthorized personnel.  

6. PIN touch keypads
One of the original options for securing a high-traffic gate is a touch keypad. Input a PIN and the gate opens. The downside is that PINs can be shared easily.  

7. Standard keys
Locking and unlocking a high-traffic gate with an old-fashioned metal key is the very first technology for gate security, dating back hundreds of years. The least expensive choice, key locks may be a good option if you only expect a few people to use the gate at your business. The pitfalls of using standard keys to secure your gate include keys being shared or stolen, and lost keys can mean an expensive rekeying of the whole system and replacing all keys to keep your business protected. 

The convenience question… 
While many of the high-traffic gate access control systems listed above can keep your business safer from thieves, one of the main things to consider when choosing a system is the amount of traffic at your security gate. The higher the amount of traffic coming in and out of your gate, the more you’ll need to consider the speed and security of the solution you choose. 

For example, if the only people going through your high-traffic security gate are employees, a key card or key fob would be a good choice because it provides solid security. However, if you receive a lot of visitors, an intercom system would be most convenient because it would allow your security personnel to check them in quickly. If you have a consistent traffic flow through your gate all day, a more expedient solution like RFID may be the best option. Many times, a combination of two or more systems is the best choice.  

Need help choosing a high-traffic security gate control system?   Find your AMAROK perimeter security expert today. We’ll customize an access control solution fit for your business’ operational needs.