White Papers

Are you ready for an on-site emergency? A practical checklist

Prepare for on-site emergencies effectively with this checklist covering essential steps such as: Developing an emergency plan, Engaging local services, Community involvement, and Optimizing security cameras for greater situational awareness.

Top Considerations Designing an Ergonomic Control Room

To truly satisfy today’s heightened ergonomic standards, console design has experienced a dramatic shift to deliver solutions that are smaller, with improved functionality and more appeal than ever before.

Southern Ohio Medical Center

See how Southern Ohio Medical Center addresses safety concerns with next-gen weapon detection to create inviting, non-intrusive screening experience for rapid patient ingress.

Mercy Health

Mercy Healthcare prescribes security screening for its emergency departments to ameliorate clinical staff safety concerns to ensure that patients, staff and visitors feel as secure as possible when visiting Mercy’s facilities.

Case Study | Creating a Welcoming and Safe Experience for School Events

Tulsa Public Schools tackles the rising concern of concealed weapons in extracurricular activities by partnering with Metrasens. This case study explores their joint commitment to creating a secure environment for students, staff, and spectators.

2024 Trends in Video Surveillance

Eagle Eye Networks’ 2024 Trends in Video Surveillance report provides a practical and actionable look ahead so that businesses can make informed decisions and stay on the forefront of video surveillance technology.

Guide to Body Cameras for Campus Security

Body-worn cameras are gaining traction as an essential tool for campus security teams. It can be daunting to choose the ideal body-worn camera for your campus environment. From vendor selection and implementation to post-launch recommendations, this guide will help prepare you for a successful body-worn camera program.

An Exceptional Ecosystem of Access

Bring “access bliss” to your connected workplace by using the same single credential to access multiple places and systems. Read the brief, An Exceptional Ecosystem of Access, and learn about funneling next-level efficiency into authentication points across your organization.

Pivot to a Passwordless World. Seamless. Secure. Simple

Passwords are risky business. It’s time to “Pivot to a Passwordless World.” Fortify and simplify digital workplace access with the “flash” of a device using sophisticated RFID authentication.

The Power of Employee Badge in Apple Wallet

Employee badge in Apple Wallet is a new way HID is letting people access everything they need to get work done — offices, networks, elevators, printers and more — using just their iPhone or Apple Watch.