• Break Into A Phone Using Dentistry Paste and Play-Doh

    Break Into A Phone Using Dentistry Paste and Play-Doh

    Biometrics are not always a for sure security measure. This video shows you how a modern phone can be accessed by using dentistry paste and some Play-Doh.

  • Bringing the Feeds Together

    Bringing the Feeds Together

    The sheer size and notoriety of the event had the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) planning security and operational logistics long before the opening ceremony.

  • Don

    Don't Gamble The Future

    When it comes to picking the right strategy, the right partners and the right products, you want to make sure the odds are stacked in your favor.

  • Smart Business

    Smart Business

    Security is still number one in driving mass-market adoption, with nine out of 10 consumers noting security remains one of the top reasons to purchase and use a smart home system.

  • Snap Shot

    Snap Shot

    Out of a vast number of proposals, Montevideo’s leadership ultimately selected the one submitted by SONDA, one of the leading systems integrators in Latin America.

  • Born Into The Business

    Born Into The Business

    Like many integrators, AVS specializes in a unique market. Of course they work in the real estate, healthcare, and government industry, but their secret sauce, if you will, is their expertise in securing data centers.

  • First-Ever Entrance Security Checks at Oktoberfest

    First-Ever Entrance Security Checks at Oktoberfest

    Those hoping to join in on the fun at Munich’s Oktoberfest must first pass through security.

  • Yahoo Account Key: Convenience Over Security

    Yahoo Account Key: Convenience Over Security

    Many companies are developing new ways to handle access control and identity authentication for their customers to combat the increasing number of security breaches and the acknowledged flaws in the PIN and password model. Yahoo is the latest company to deploy a service aimed at replacing the password.

  • Building Software

    Building Software

    Today’s security leaders must present solutions to enterprise organizations that meet the needs of these diverse organizations.

  • Extreme Requirements

    Extreme Requirements

    CEZ recently faced several challenges, including a large increase of IT devices to be monitored, pressure to increase work efficiency and reduce the number of employees at the same time.

  • Doubling Down

    Doubling Down

    In the world of casino card games, opportunity for slight-of-hand is abound. Dealers and players are trading palm-sized chips, swapping cards from the deck, cashing out winnings.

  • Emerging Technologies

    Emerging Technologies

    If you’re like most security professionals, your daily inbox is crammed with updates from industry associations, publications and online communities summarizing the hot topics of the day.

  • An Apple A Day

    An Apple A Day

    Apple’s refusal to unlock the San Bernardino terrorists’ smartphones has generated a heated debate in security, technology and legal circles nationwide.

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