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The Importance of Proactive Security Measures: 4 Stories of Regret

Proactive Security Measures Can Save Your Company an Expensive Lesson 

We all want to believe that crime won't happen to us. So, some business owners hope for the best and put proactive security measures on the back burner, because other things like growth, attracting new customers, and meeting deadlines all seem more pressing. Sure, these businesses have some video surveillance cameras and security guards on their premises, but these are all reactive security measures — they don't stop crime, they only respond to it. And by then, it's too late. 

Inevitably, commercial businesses experience a rude awakening when criminals access their property for nefarious purposes. Not only do they lose valuable equipment and inventory, but their goals for growth, customer increases, and deadlines are hindered because theft costs more than the value of the stolen property. Operational downtime, reputational damage, higher insurance premiums and lost productivity drastically impact your business' P&L long after the initial theft incident is over. 

"The true cost of crime can be 3X as much as the initial theft." 

Finding out too late that your reactive security measures haven't protected your business is heart-wrenching. These four businesses know that pain firsthand. Don't set yourself up for an expensive learning opportunity – figure out where your security gaps are and find proactive ways to address them before thieves do. 

Four Stories of Regret in the Absence of Proactive Security

1. Dropped by Commercial Insurance Provider
One trucking dealership in Boston, Massachusetts was facing drastic repeat theft. The business is in a high-crime area and most mornings, the owner walked his property line to look for vagrants sleeping in work trucks, drug paraphernalia littering his lot, homeless people using his property as a bathroom (even his brand-new trucks!), new vandalism, and more.

One time, the business had 60 catalytic converters stolen in a single night. With only a chain-link fence and guard dogs as security measures, thieves would cut the perimeter chain-link fence, throw steaks to lure the dogs and then help themselves to whatever they wanted on the property. The business' history with theft was so bad their insurance provider dropped them. Since installing a proactive perimeter security system with an electric fence, they have had zero issues with theft and vandalism.

2. Repeat Catalytic Converter Theft
In New Castle, Delaware, a rental company relied on other traditional security cameras and lighting to protect their property. One night, they were targeted for seven catalytic converters – resulting in $16,000+ of losses. They never imagined they would be hit again, but once criminals know how to access a property (and what's inside for them to take), they are more likely to return. 

There is a 71% chance that once a company is hit with theft, thieves will return for more.

One month later, they were targeted for 13 additional catalytic converters – resulting in another $14,000+ in losses. The company realized that its current perimeter security plan wasn't enough, and they were tired of the unplanned disruptions and expenses of ongoing theft.

"There's no way we could plan for theft, but we can definitely plan for security options." — Chief Engineer

Ultimately, they chose to enhance their proactive perimeter security measures, which not only improved their site's safety but also saved them money in the long run while providing peace of mind.

3. Suffering the True Cost of Theft – Operational Downtime
One Indianapolis trucking company experienced repeated theft and vandalism for years on end. They "tried everything" including hiring a security company to sit near their gates and installing security cameras, but each method proved to be ineffective. 

"The only thing that allowed us was to review footage of criminals stealing a truck off my lot. It's a horrible feeling." — Business Owner

One night, criminals broke into the property, vandalized trucks (broken windows, broken locks), and stole CB radios, electronics and more. This was an expensive loss, but the operational downtime the company experienced while they were waiting to repair the trucks was devastating.  After installing an electric fence, they realized theft isn't just a cost of doing business, and that the investment in a proactive perimeter security system was not only affordable but key for their peace of mind. The company has experienced zero break-ins since they installed an electric security fence.

4. The Threat of Theft Alters Business Operations
An Akron, Ohio automotive service shop reached a point where they couldn't keep vehicles on their outdoor lot because of how bad crime is in their area. If a car was left outside, it would almost certainly be broken into, or its catalytic converter stolen.
Eventually, they had to tell customers that they could only take cars in for service on the same day because they weren't comfortable storing customer vehicles overnight. Of course, customers went to their competitors who could offer car repairs without the risk, and the company's bottom line took a hit. They knew they needed to amp up their security measures with an electric fence. 

"Now I have more cars out in the parking lot than ever before, and I'm starting to see my monthly income come back to levels before COVID-19 happened." — Business Owner

Are You Doing Enough to Be Proactive About Security?

Don't let your business fall into the same reactive security traps that hurt these businesses. Download our Proactive vs. Reactive Security Guide to learn what steps to take to keep thieves OFF your property BEFORE they have a chance to cause trouble.