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COPS Monitoring Receives SOC 2 Type I Attestation Report

Independent audit verifies COPS Monitoring’s internal controls and processes adhere to the highest standards

The New First Responder

The New First Responder

People are constantly on the move—particularly in busy transit hubs—and passengers need to know where they should be and by when.

Biometric Ideas

Biometric Ideas

To best leverage the advantages of biometrics, integrators should follow the tips outlined below to take advantage of the primary benefits of biometrics, which are enhanced security and convenience.

Making the Case

Established security integrators often deal with prospects who are also considering solutions that let them eliminate live monitoring and keep an eye on their homes via smartphone.

It’s a Woman’s World

Cover Story

It’s a Woman’s World

As with the technology in the industry, times are changing and Nancy Ford, and many other women, are now filling the rank and file of a booming industry.

Putting the Customer First

Boxerbaum was driven by good work and making the world a more secure place, but he also was a techie interested in futuristic gadgets.

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Retail Under Fire

A recent data security report, published by Thales, revealed that 62 percent of all retailers worldwide have experienced a data breach within the past year.

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Multi-dimensional Applications

According to a number of studies, hospital crime and violence have been growing at an alarming rate in recent years. The wide variety of security threats that healthcare facilities face include theft by employees or visitors, violence or threats from visitors or patients, and other crimes of opportunity.

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Taking Stock of Security

Throughout the course of a calendar year, we take a look at numerous security solutions, events and, in our case, publications. In this issue, we have a specialty publication that focuses on government security. Security in the public sector is a big deal.

Cannabis Cash - How do you secure your place in the weed business?

Industry Vertical

Cannabis Cash

Where is all the money in the marijuana business going? Who is moving the cash or product as it seems to be in the news all the time? Here we share why it’s important to your business that you know how this is all happening.

Time for an Upgrade

Time for an Upgrade

When a regional traffic management center in Washington state outgrew its building—as well as the size of its roadway monitoring system— the staff realized it was time not just for a physical upgrade, but a technological one, too

Three-Alarm Fire at Downtown Dallas Hotel Gives Some ASIS Attendees an Early Wake-Up Call

ASIS attendees staying at the downtown Dallas Hampton Inn got a rude wake-up call at about 3 a.m. this morning as a fire in a nearby parking structure forced an evacuation of the hotel.

Exploring ASIS in Dallas

If there is any question about Dallas as a host city for ASIS, that should be cleared up after day one of 2017 ASIS. My opinion and observation is that attendees crowded the aisles and show floor in number this exhibition hasn't seen in years.

Views from ASIS Show Floor

Views from ASIS Show Floor

If there is any question about Dallas as a host city for ASIS, that should be cleared up after day one of 2017 ASIS. My opinion and observation is that attendees crowded the aisles and show floor in number this exhibition hasn't seen in years.

What Happens When Your Employees

What Happens When Your Employees' Equipment Is Left Unattended?

The Importance of Locking Down Multiple Devices in the Office

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Blue Book for Success

Anixter has a Blue Book that serves as a corporate bible; Pat Comunale, president of Anixter’s global security solutions, believes in the book from the first page on, and it would seem the Blue Book is, as he notes, second to none.

Growing an Idea

I have a great job. I’ve met many wonderful people in the past 20 or so years, and when we started Dealer Strategies, it gave me the opportunity to go one on one with company CEOs and some of their staff.

Why Your VMS Matters

As a security professional, how many times have you had to explain why a PTZ camera should always be paired with at least one fixed camera to provide constant “back-up” coverage of everywhere the PTZ is not looking?

Turn to New Profits

As a security integrator, you’re used to having a predictable revenue model selling security hardware and software to end users.

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A Demand in Turnstiles

Why the recent increase in turnstile demand? Some of the reasons are the aging post-9/11 turnstile systems (15+ years), concerns over violence and terrorism, and tenants’ expectation of secure entrances in property management buildings.

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