Defining Perimeter Boundaries for On-Campus Security

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This webinar occurred on:  October 22, 2015

As a security professional you know what to suggest in terms of equipment and software, but does your contact on campus know what is available? And, is that information being shared with the staff and teachers on campus?

This webinar, taught by Mike Seger, will help you address security equipment suggestions, preparation of a checklist that staff and teachers can use and valuable information that will security integrators can use on every level from K-6, 7-9 and high school grades.

This information will help build a better and more secure perimeter outside the school, and look at areas where security is needed inside the campus.

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This webinar occurred on:  October 22, 2015


Mike Seger is a well-known speaker and campus security presenter. He is the director of safety and student services at Penn-Harris-Madison School Corp.


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Duration: 1 Hour