The Upside of Being a Professional Security Integrator

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This webinar occurred on: December 16,  2015

Brian will discuss the issues that arise when organizations try to implement do-it-yourself security solutions without the guidance of a security professional. He will explain why the DIY approach typically leads to expensive mistakes that require even more money down the line, and why they do not work. He will explore the various areas of expertise required for a successful security project, and why IT and facilities managers would benefit greatly from working with a security professional.

Brian will explain why security professionals are critical to building effective security solutions. He will describe his experience in the field when companies have tried to manage security themselves. He will also explain how to communicate these benefits from a sales level, and how to respond to questions from management when they are skeptical of professional guidance.

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This webinar occurred on: December 16,  2015


Brian Levy is the CEO of Hero Security and Surveillance Inc. based in Tehachapi California. Brian has designed large scale security solutions to help protect companies with both advanced and covert security solutions including site hardening and projects for the healthcare, mining and energy sectors. Brian’s focus is on industrial and commercial security projects and scouring the industry for the best of breed solutions for his customers. Whatever the application, Brian brings a strong passion to his work and believes that security is only valuable if it meets the standard of prosecute-able evidence.

Brian enjoys writing about security and technology and has been published in Wired Magazine and other publications. His articles can be found on


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Duration: 1 Hour