"A CIO, Director of HR and Police Chief walk in to a bar". Why Railroads must have integrated security going forward.

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This webinar occurred on: April 28,, 2016

Railroads are among the oldest industries in the United States, with business processes, support systems and terminology that in some instances are over 100 years old. Railroads also spend significant resources on improving systems, provided it supports their two core stakeholder mandates: Deliver freight on time with maximum economy and operate safely.

This webinar will focus on how the railroad continuously considers and implements security functions as a part of internal and external mandates. The webinar will focus on the implementation of Positive Train Control (PTC), a United States Congressional safety mandate for all large freight railroads as well as most passenger railroads. The webinar will address how physical, information and personnel security all have a very significant part to play in PTC implementation.

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This webinar occurred on: April 28,, 2016


Peter Kofod, Cybersecurity / Government/Cloud Security Expert

Peter Kofod is a leading government and cloud security expert with over twenty years of technical and leadership experience in Information Technology, including the development of secure hosted services for the transportation industry as well as designing and managing networks in the utility and defense sectors.

A renowned speaker and thought leader on issues of Internet security, system management, trustless systems, and privacy, Peter has also served as an advisor to the committee for network security at the American Public Transit Association and has led various Red Team efforts, including full mission profile penetration testing of transit authority trail control systems. He recently spoke to the Unites States Secret Service on network and cyber security as well as on the resiliency of trustless systems such bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Peter is the Founder and CEO of The Sixth Flag, Inc, a Workspace-as-a-Service company offering virtual workspaces with industry-leading security features. Launched in 2015, TSF provides a web based, cost-effective and secure throwaway desktop for today’s global, mobile teams. In addition to this role, Peter is also Founder and Principal of Raleigh-based Datasages Consulting Group LLC, a firm dedicated to providing enterprise management and security services to industrial, defense and transportation customers. In this role, Peter is often called upon to lend expertise to large scale transportation projects. He has been a material contributor to the implementation of Positive Train Control in the United States, particularly as it applies to security and availability in a hosted environment. Peter has been responsible for the deployment of several large enterprise management systems, focusing on high availability and secure networks, including the ground network for the International Space Station.


Video Insight
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ComNet Communication Networks
ComNet Communication Networks of Danbury, Connecticut is a Fiber Optic communication and hardened Ethernet product manufacturer. ComNet focuses on providing innovative communications networking solutions to the Security Market. The product line consists of fiber optic video, data and audio transmission products as well as a broad fiber optic, copper and wireless Ethernet product line, designed to the specific requirements for Access Control, Intrusion, Burglar and Fire Alarms and CCTV Surveillance/Incident Detection and the Intelligent Transportation System Market. www.comnet.net

Duration: 1 Hour