What’s the future of Identity? Understanding how we will create, manage and use trusted identities in the future.

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This webinar occurred on: April 14, 2016

When you see the word “identity” what comes to mind? Seems like a simple concept but it is actually quite complicated. Is it a physical item, like a passport or driver’s license? Is it a virtual item, like a system login or user ID? Is it changeable or is it fixed? Or is identity all of these things? In the physical security world many people use the word “identity” but the meaning may vary. If we don’t all have a common understanding of what identity means, how can we understand how to manage the numerous types of identities utilizing our facilities on a daily basis? Why does this matter? Why does the world need trusted identities?

As we look to the future, this concept of trusted identities will play an even more critical role. This session will look at the importance of this concept and what processes organizations can put in place to determine levels of trust.

Join Quantum Secure for a FREE webinar where we will discuss what identity means today and why knowing what identity entails helps organizations understand how to manage them today and in the future. Key takeaways you don’t want to miss are:

  • What identity means for today’s organizations
  • The identity management challenges facing security professionals and how automating identity and access management is the key to solving these challenges
  • Why implementing physical identity and access management processes allows organizations to do more with less

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This webinar occurred on: April 14, 2016


Don Campbell , Director of Product Management at Quantum Secure
He began his career as a United State Marine Corps officer where he ran a 13 person team with responsibilities ranging from managing the 35 building/5000 user network. Upon leaving the Marine Corps, Don held a number of positions with technology companies ranging from LE satellite communication to directory systems, to IT Security management building sales in the federal government and commercial spaces. In 2003, Don joined the physical security space as PSIM products began to arrive on the market. Don received his BS in Electrical Engineering from Duke University.

Julian Lovelock, VP of Innovation and Platform Strategy at HID Global
Julian Lovelock is VP of Strategic Innovation, based in Fremont California. He joined HID in 2010 with the acquisition of ActivIdentity, where he was Sr Director for Product Management.  For the first half of his career, which included 10 years as a consultant with PriceWaterhouse Coopers Management Consulting and 5 years at ASPACE Solutions where he was CTO and co-founder, Julian worked on the deployment of large complex IT systems for banks and other global enterprises. By the time ASPACE was acquired by ActivIdentity he’d focused in on ensuring the security of those systems. At HID Global he is enjoying the challenge of taking a wider perspective on enterprise security that encompasses both IT systems and the physical infrastructure.

Julian Lovelock is VP of Innovation and Platform Strategy at HID Global, where he has responsibility for the application of innovative technologies to create new solutions to challenging business problems. Julian moved to California from London in 2005 following the acquisition of ASPACE Solutions where he was CTO and co-founder. He holds a BENG in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Aston, UK.

Duration: 1 Hour

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