How Visual AI Is Transforming the Conventional School Safety Model

In today's educational landscape, ensuring the safety and security of students is of paramount importance. There were 193 gun incidents last calendar year, with 684 school shooting-related deaths. Traditional safety measures are not enough. Physical safety measures, such as fences, metal detectors, and door locks, are primarily reactive and present various limitations in creating a secure environment. There is a need for a more comprehensive and proactive solution to address the interwoven complexities of school safety.

Central to this innovative approach is visual AI, a transformative technology that reshapes the conventional school safety model. Visual AI uses existing cameras, deep learning, and computer vision to take a comprehensive system approach by actively monitoring an entire school campus. It introduces a proactive and learning-oriented system that adapts to new situations and creates a feedback loop for continuous improvements. This technology not only detects potential threats but also helps institutions analyze and learn from minor and major incidents, creating a robust safety net for educational environments.

With over 147,000 cameras under contract, SparkCognition Visual AI Advisor is a pivotal solution for transforming the safety paradigm on campuses. By examining the current safety landscape, we identify the drawbacks of the existing safety approach: a reactive stance that falls short of addressing the complex interactions between multiple safety components.

This webinar emphasizes the importance of school safety and outlines the following:

  • Defining failures and incidents as interconnected chains of events rather than isolated occurrences.
  • Utilizing visual AI for combining the interactions between physical security, technology integrations, and emergency response.
  • Proactively preventing incidents and leveraging visual AI for feedback and continuous learning, improvement in school safety measures.

Join us as we explore the revolutionary potential of SparkCognition Visual AI Advisor in redefining school safety, offering insights into a proactive, interconnected, and adaptive approach that aims to provide a safer and more conducive environment for student learning and development.

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: February 13, 2024
: 2:00PM ET - 1:00PM CT - 11:00AM PT


Anne Nelson has been in the IT industry for 25+ years.  Her passion for engaging customers to solve business problems advanced her career in many sales executive positions at IBM and led her to Sales and Business Partner Executive introducing IBM Watson AI into the market. She later joined Honeywell to launch IoT offerings into the market. Prior to joining SparkCognition Anne was an Enterprise Sales Executive at Twilio consulting with clients to improve customer engagement. Anne lives in Washington Metro area with her family.

Jodie Sasse
is an accomplished leader and advisor to companies seeking innovative software solutions to solve their most critical business problems.
Throughout her 20+ year career in the technology industry, she has developed a passion for helping companies unlock growth, optimize performance, and realize return on their technology investments.

As SparkCognition’s Vice President of Visual AI Advisor, she drives the outcomes for clients with safety, security, productivity, inspection, and situational awareness challenges.
Before joining SparkCognition, Sasse held various roles at Twilio, Equals3 AI, IBM, and IBM Watson. She has a BS in Finance and Economics from Syracuse University and an MBA from Suffolk University.

Duration: 1 Hour

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