On Demand

Security Management Planning in Light of Active Shooter Events

Join us as we consider relevant active shooter topics, such as weapons screening, Alyssa’s Law, and response procedures. Attendees will benefit from helpful resources.

Monitoring Campus Environments

Join us to learn practical, proven ways to transform fears about the quality of your campus security system into confidence in its ability to provide safety and security.

Benefits of New Physical Identity & Access Management (PIAM) Science for Corporations

Join Vector Flow for this free webinar, the leader in physical security, data-driven automation as they discuss how their AI-powered Physical Workforce Identity Management, Security Operations, and Threat Intelligence solutions are transforming organizations with solutions that are inexpensive, rapid to deploy and easy to maintain and manage.

Duration: 1 Hour

Safety and Security With a Focus on Access Control

This free webinar will discuss the importance of a proper Threat and Vulnerability Assessment and how that can identify areas of liability and how those can be mitigated. This assessment looks at everything from the edge of the business property, the ingress and egress points for both traffic and people, lighting, landscape to ensure they meet the international standard for crime prevention.

Duration: 1 Hour

Preparedness Without Fear: Developing Policies Beyond Run, Hide, Fight

This presentation focuses on training for active threats with no fear component and how to move beyond the standard Run, Hide, Fight methodology and lockdown, to actual discussions of management processes.

Duration: 1 hour

Helping the C-suite Understand the Value of Security

In this free webinar thinking outside of the box and looking for opportunities to take corporate security beyond its traditional borders can help transform security programs from a cost center to cost neutral and beyond — yes, even a profit center.

Duration: 1 Hour