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Bringing Your Analog System Into the Future: Adding IP and Intelligence to Your Existing Surveillance Infrastructure

What is the best way to upgrade existing video systems to IP and double their intelligence? What new approaches can streamline the process of converting to IP and provide a door to future technologies?

Duration: 1 Hour

Disparate PACS? Cut Costs And Streamline Your Physical Security Operations

Learn how to leverage your existing physical security infrastructure to reduce operating costs and corporate risk. Quantum Secure is an exclusive provider of enterprise software to manage & streamline security identities, compliance and events management across disparate physical security systems.

Duration: 1 hour

10 Tips For Success With Video Analytics

Video analytics are bringing new levels of intelligence to the security world and are having a wide-ranging impact. Starting with improved protection at the most critical infrastructure sites and high-risk facilities, video analytics are making their way into broader commercial markets and transforming many aspects of the industry.

Duration: 1 hour

Understanding and Managing Total Cost of Ownership TCO

Organizations today are concerned with managing Total Cost of Ownership, the cost of a solution over its lifetime. This is the driving factor for common standards, reducing complexity and pushing towards a common, standards based way of delivering robust and reliable applications. In this Webcast, the security specific elements of TCO will be discussed along with ways to best manage those elements.

Duration: 1 hour

Deployed Integrated Intelligent Video Solutions: What's In It For Me?

Customers today demand pre-integrated solutions that are flexible, highly efficient and as always, cost-effective.

Duration: 60

Expanding Options with IP: A New Perspective on Designing Industrial Security Systems

IP has changed the way people are thinking about security for their industrial environments. With the vast capability for collecting and analyzing data that comes with an IP-based security system, the mission is no longer simply surveillance, but an integrated security system.

From the Sandbox to the College Campus

We will bring you three high-impact segments that deal with school security. This Webinar will focus on schools and campuses, and how best to step up your facility security.

Duration: 49 minutes

UHF Gen 2 RFID Expands Possibilities for Contactless ID Cards

New WebinarWhen you think about security access and tracking solutions, now you can start thinking differently. With new ultrahigh-frequency RFID card technology, you can extend the range of contactless ID cards to as much as 20 feet—and expand their applications for your business.

Selecting an Emergency Communications Solution...and Getting the Most Out of It

As organizations continue to mature in the development of Business Continuity plans (people / work group / departments) versus Disaster Recovery plans (technology), the need for mass notification tools has grown. As a result, the number of choices, vendors, and types of solutions is exploding. Large numbers of alternatives are normally an advantage to the buyer, but it can add much confusion when trying to make the right choice.

Breakthroughs in Video Analytics

New WebinarThe use of video analytics is growing rapidly in the surveillance market. It has proven indispensable in high-end security projects, and is becoming increasingly popular in commercial jobs for a wide range of applications.