On Demand

Marketing in a Time of Crisis - Critical communications strategies during unprecedented times

This free presentation will help companies think through how to communicate during these challenging times and share some strategies to help plan and execute potential future crisis communications.

Duration: 1 Hour

The Security Today DemoCast

This free Security Today DemoCast will help you:, Discover the latest security products and services on the market, Get detailed information and videos on each product, Interact with representatives from those vendors via live Q&A, Develop sales strategies for these products & Share this knowledge with your team.

Duration: 1 Hour

Smart Cities, Rising to the Top

This free webinar what you will learn: Smart City initiatives and applications on the rise, Challenges facing Smart Cities and the government sector, Emerging IT datacenter technologies and how to address challenges, Position yourself as an IoT/Smart Cities market leader

Duration: 1 Hour

Should I use a SAN for my video surveillance environment?

Join Arxys and Seagate for this free webinar, as they walk through which surveillance video surveillance environments are best suited for a SAN (Storage Area Network).

Duration: 1 Hour

Trends in Physical Security Monitoring & Best of Breed Video Surveillance Solutions - How Do Your Current Solutions Stack Up?

Join this free webinar for a deep dive into physical security monitoring and the benefits of health monitoring software. Learn the benefits and how-tos of picking best of breed video surveillance components, partners, and details of Razberi’s New Health Monitoring Software.

Duration: 1 Hour

Prepare for the New Norm with a Touchless Next Generation Access Control Integrated into Your Security Solution deploying the Alcatraz Rock – Your Face is Your ID Badge!

Physical access control solutions have always needed a compromise between security and friction. Now, more than any other time, enterprise-level security environments should look into the touchless future of the world while significantly increasing their security posture, this is a free webinar!

Duration: 1 Hour

The Evolution of Credentials and Access Control and Its Use in the IT, OT, and Physical Security Environment

This free webinar will touch on these key points of physical security access control: Card-based access, Two-part authentication, Three part with biometric, Built to define entry not identity

Duration: 1 Hour

A K9 Nose Best

This free webinar will familiarize participants with the benefits, options and costs associated with the strategic deployment of an explosives/munitions-detection K9 Team to offer added measures of security in public venues, such as hospitals, businesses, utilities, high schools, university campuses, stadiums, and outdoor events.

Duration: 1 Hour

Surveillance Strategies - Camera Positioning to Maximize Coverage and Reduce Project Cost

Don’t miss this free webinar opportunity to join Security Industry Veteran, Mr. Rob Hile, General Manager of GC&E Systems Group as he discusses the evolution of camera technology and the changes that technology offerings such as fish eye, multi-sensor and hemispheric configurations have had on the overall design, placement and implementation of today’s advanced CCTV surveillance systems.

Duration: 1 Hour

Active Shooter: Student/Parent Reunification

The effective response of a school district to a critical incident begins with incorporating “reunification” into the school safety plan.

Duration: 1 hour