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Achieving Universal Secure Identity Verification with Convenience and Personal Privacy: Privaris

The modern world has an unprecedented need for security. More than ever before, sensitive information, ranging from personal account numbers to government intelligence, is stored in databases that can be accessed via the Internet, cellular phones, and other networks. This information is a target for those who wish to exploit it for illegal purposes.

A Practical Approach to Managing Phishing: Paypal

Surely only a few individuals, who have been living a life of seclusion on the French Riviera for the last few years, won’t know what the crime of “phishing” is. At least that’s what we tend to think in the security industry. Yet, according to Gartner estimates, 3.3% of the 124 million consumers who received phishing email last year were victimized and lost money because of the attacks.

Physical Security in Mission Critical Facilities: APC

Physical security — controlling personnel access to facilities — is critical to achieving data center availability goals. As new technologies such as biometric identification and remote management of security data become more widely available, traditional card-and-guard security is being supplanted by security systems that can provide positive identification and tracking of human activity in and around the data center.

Total Cost of Ownership: Axis Communications

When the question is asked “Is a network camera more expensive than an analog camera” the answer is a resounding “yes”. It should be, since it includes more functionality than its analog counterpart. When the next question asked is “Is a network camera system more expensive than DVR system with analog cameras?” the answer will depend on who is in the room. Some say “absolutely” while others “maybe” and some “no”. Why is this?

Reducing Evacuation Time: The Role of Directional Sounders

It is important to quickly exit a building during a fire, because minutes, even seconds, could mean the difference between life and death. A fire alarm system plays a crucial role in alerting people to a potential threat, but once an occupant has made the decision to evacuate, the fire alarm ceases to fulfill a function.

Open-data Architecture Identification Systems: Jolly Technologies

Aside from physical barriers like doors and locks, information has become today’s single-most critical security mechanism. Intelligent information management is the new backbone for secure environments.

Identity Theft: The Business Timebomb

Most everyone has heard of identity theft; yet unless you have been a victim, few people and businesses believe they are at risk. The false sense of immunity to identity theft is indicative of a general misunderstanding of what identity theft is. It points to the need for education among businesses and consumers alike. The clever and amusing advertising by financial institutions, designed to maintain consumer confidence in banking and credit transactions, as well as the frequent coverage in the media of credit card and bank account fraud, together create a dangerous misconception about what identity theft is.

  • Ahead of Current Events Ahead of Current Events

    In this episode, Ralph C. Jensen chats with Dana Barnes, president of global government at Dataminr. We talk about the evolution of Dataminr and how data software benefits business and personnel alike. The Dataminr mission is to keep subscribers up-to-date on worldwide events in case of employee travel. Barnes recites Dataminr history and how their platform works. With so much emphasis on cybersecurity, Barnes goes into detail about his cybersecurity background and the measures Dataminr takes to ensure safe and secure implementation.

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