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Brainlike Technology Reduces Data Overload

Data overload is a huge problem. Billions of sensors already generate data at staggering rates, and data creation is growing at an annual rate of 60 percent, according to a special report in The Economist (27 Feb. 2010). The same report states that generated data surpassed available storage over three years ago.

The Integration of EasyLobby Visitor Management with Access Control Systems

This white paper provides a description of the integration process between EasyLobby Secure Visitor Management (SVM) and a variety of access control systems.

VMS for Schools

IP Video Management Software Going Vertical: One Size Does Not Fit All for the Campus Environment

Video Management Software applications were first introduced with enterprise class DVR systems and, with the migration to IP, have separated into an independent product category. VMS allows a user to view live or recorded video from any camera in the business or organization, typically from a monitoring station or from a web based platform.

Donna ISD

School District Combats Gang Violence Border Issues

Just 10 miles away from the United States-Mexico border along the Rio Grande, Donna Independent School District sits amidst international violence including drugs, guns and gangs.

Should You Jump to IP? A Guide to Migrating Video Surveillance Equipment

Should You Jump to IP? Infinova’s commonsense guide for chief security officers (CSOs), directors and managers on how to reduce costs and extend the life of existing surveillance equipment when migrating from analog to IP surveillance.

MBM DestroyIt Paper Shredder Whitepaper

Business Shredders High-Tech Document Destruction

The need to efficiently dispose large quantities of documents in the workplace has transformed the simple paper shredder into an advanced piece of office equipment.

City College Printing Student IDs Saving Time

City College of San Francisco chose to roll out the printers fully for the following semester. With the new system, the college now reduces time and frustration—and lines—for staff and students.
Across 85,000 students, City College now produces ID cards in just one-sixth the time it took before. For 85,000 students, that’s a savings of more than 2,000 hours—dramatic time-savings for staff and students.

Zebra Technologies White Paper

Retransfer Technology Delivers Optimal Card Printing Solution

Retransfer technology is the optimal on-demand printing solution for meeting the stringent image quality and encoding standards that advanced card applications require. In the past, desktop retransfer printers offered low printing speeds and image quality, thus limiting their applicability in many card issuance applications. This lack of performance and quality slowed the adoption of retransfer technology industry-wide. Today, however, innovative technology for retransfer printing delivers a fast, flexible, and affordable solution.

VideoIQ Birmingham Alabama

Intelligent Surveillance Case Study Birmingham Alabama

The Challenge Efficiently and cost-effectively increase safety and security with limited security personnel in sprawling downtown area of Birmingham, Alabama The Solution Use of VideoIQ intelligent video surveillance cameras throughout the downtown core, installed, managed and monitored by ION Interactive; Team of remote guards leveraged to cost-effectively extend reach of existing security staff The Result Instant detection and notification of suspicious behavior, enabling guards to evaluate the situation and dispatch police immediately to prevent crime and keep city streets safe and secure

VideoIQ Intelligent Storage

Intelligent Storage IP Video Surveillance

The security industry has adopted a centralized storage approach for IP video surveillance systems. Manufacturers followed traditional data center designs, assuming that it was best to use the standard architecture for Information Technology (IT). However, many of the growing issues with IP video systems today, such as bandwidth, storage and maintenance costs, are the direct result of this centralized storage architecture.

  • Securing Entertainment Venues Securing Entertainment Venues

    One thing entertainment venues, sports stadiums and theme park officials want to accomplish is getting people back into their seats. That is happening today—but not without understanding and technology. In this episode, AJ DeRosa shares his insight on how COVID-impacted businesses are able to face safety and security issues with confidence and technology. We also discuss visitor expectations and how venue officials can ensure their space is secure as they welcome visitors back.

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