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Ready, Set ... Launch

EVERY month we're pleased to print various business and industry news to announce the launch of a new product, or to announce an industry partnership or transaction. This month, we have a little news of our own.

For a decade now, Security Products has been published under the name of Stevens Publishing Corp. As of April, we're part of a new media launch and integrated business-to-business communications strategy known as 1105 Media Inc. We're still located in Dallas, but now our parent headquarters is fixed in Chatsworth, Calif.

As popular as the term is in the security industry, we've converged with 101 Communications, in Chatsworth, to form a media company by Nautic Partners, Alta Communications and Neal Vitale.

"We are delighted to launch 1105 Media with the acquisition of two strong and diversified media franchises," said Vitale, who also is president and CEO. "101 is recognized as a creative, strategic and aggressive technology information provider, and Stevens is a leader in important and growing industrial, municipal and retail markets. Together, they accomplish a major first step in building 1105 into a broad provider of integrated business-to-business information and media."

What all this means to Security Products' staff, and now our much larger family of employees, is a business-to-business media group targeting specialized sectors of the information technology community, among the many other business interests we highlight. We now will be able to offer a more diversified menu of print and online magazines, journals and newsletters. By joining forces with 101 Communications, there will be seminars, conferences and trade shows; as well as training courseware and Web-based services.

All this is pretty exciting news not only for us, but we think for you, our readers, as well. In our market and industry, the avenues of reaching more security-conscience readers just crossed an important intersection. After our first company meeting, it seems that all lights are green.

The bottom line is fairly simple for us. The acquisition further strengthens Security Products. As part of its portfolio, 101 Communications already publishes Federal Computer Week and T.H.E. Journal and Campus Technology. This gives us access to various contacts and more. And it allows Security Products to tap into those industries via a digital vehicle. We've talked about this several times, and access to IT security readership is all about convergence. The new company, 1105 Media, brings it all together as channel partners.

Another topic that we focus on -- security in schools -- is a big enough issue that several industry magazines touch on it occasionally. We frequent this subject many times during the year and we're excited about the possibilities this media partnership brings. This acquisition gives us more opportunity to dissect and discover new mediums for the classroom and the boardroom.

Perhaps best of all is that the staff at Security Products can really start to think big. Anything that makes good business sense will be considered, and the opportunity to get new editorial ideas off the ground will be made available to us.

The name and staff, Security Products, remain the same, but now with available resources to back up what we do best, talk about your products. I think you'll see more activity and an increased awareness. Security Products is the largest periodical serving the industrial security field, and the only one addressing both the installers and end users.

The tradeshow season is just getting underway. At the writing of this column in late April, I'm preparing to attend the ASIS International conference in Nice, France. I'm excited about the international prospects that we are exploring, most recently in Europe.

The European security conference has a tone similar to ASIS in the United States. There will be showcases of the latest technologies, products and services available. I'm anxious to see what's new and if it's different than those things shown at ISC West or ASIS.

This is the fifth year of the European conference, and best of all, the sessions will all be conducted in English. No translation will be provided. I suppose, however, if I have to use my basic French, I will be OK. Security is an important issue here and abroad, no matter what language it is.

Je devine quand à Nice, France, je ne devrai pas parler en tant qu'hommes français si la Foire est en anglais. La sécurité, cependant, est la même en n'importe quelle langue. Elle est au sujet des personnes, des bâtiments et de la propriété protecteurs. Et, n'importe où vous êtes, la sécurité doit être prise sérieusement.

Back at home, we've recently launched a new electronic newsletter targeting and directly reaching those international customers who have an interest in security. Many of the big players in the U.S. market also are big players overseas.

A recent conversation with Ben Cornett, president of Honeywell Security, described to me where the action is. He said that China and India will become important trading partners and will be desirous of getting U.S. products. Why? I wondered. He said it was because the gap of middle class people in both countries is closing. Yes, there is a cavern between the rich and poor, but the number of middle class is growing, and they demand security over the new found freedom they have reached at home.

Cornett also said the best and brightest market is right here. That's right, the United States has an ever-increasing demand for security and the products found herein. Right here in the United States, our middle class seems to be exploding, and with that comes the desire to protect what we've earned by the sweat of our brow.


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