IP Video At Heart Of Integrated Traffic Monitoring System In Bangkok

IndigoVision is providing its technology as a backbone for a new integrated traffic monitoring system for Bangkok’s outer ring road network. Existing toll plaza CCTV surveillance systems located across 45 miles of the ring road have been integrated into a new central control room. Staff in the control room can now view high-quality video from inside and outside of the four toll plaza complexes, providing central monitoring for traffic management and staff safety.

Analog video feeds from the 64 existing dome and fixed cameras are connected to IndigoVision’s 8000 transmitter/receiver modules locally at each toll plaza. The 8000 converts the camera signal to DVD quality, high-resolution digital video for transmission over the newly installed gigabit Ethernet LAN. IndigoVision’s MPEG-4 compression technology ensures that the control staff receive CCTV images that are indistinguishable from analog while minimizing bandwidth on the LAN. Further 8000 modules are installed in the control room to convert selected camera feeds back to analog for display on one of the 16 wall mounted monitors. The system was supplied by Industronics and their partners in Thailand, Smart Traffic Co. Ltd.

“This application is one of many traffic monitoring systems that IndigoVision has recently implemented,” said Oliver Vellacott, IndigoVision’s CEO. “Traditional analog CCTV technology is just not suited to the long hauls involved in wide-area surveillance such as with road and rail networks, ports and airports. IP Video systems are extremely scalable, for example a new camera can be added at any point on the network, at any time, without new cabling.”

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