RSI Announces Tamper-Evident RFID Tags

RSI ID Technologies (RSI), a manufacturer of RFID antennas, inlays and tags, recently announced the release of a class of tamper-evident RFID tags. The tamper-evident RFID tags feature special components and properties, which provide the tags with the unique characteristics.

The first tag in the class is a destructible RFID tag that upon visual inspection looks and is programmed the same as standard construction tags, but when applied to the product, reveals its unique properties and causes the tag to come apart when an attempt to remove the tag is made.

This tamper-evident class of RFID tags also includes the development of tags that offer additional levels of security ranging from the ability to leave behind part of the RFID antenna to incorporating a tamper-evident material construction, which when removed, leaves behind a residual adhesive or an image identifying that the label has been tampered with.

“Tamper-evident materials have been used for some time in a variety of applications,” said Wolf Bielas, CEO of RSI ID Technologies. “It was a natural progression to develop a way to integrate the use of these visual tamper-evident technologies along with RFID for those companies that want to combine and leverage the best of both technologies.” Ideal applications for tamper-evident RFID tags include tracking sensitive goods, product authentication and vehicle registration.

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