Smart Card Features Fully-Embedded Biometric System

Fidelica Microsystems Inc., a developer of fingerprint imaging and authentication technology, recently announced the availability of the company's FSC-3012 Biometrically Authenticated Smart Card.

This biometrically-authenticated credential features a fully-embedded biometric system. Fidelica's smart card is the first in the industry to provide fingerprint imaging, enrollment and authentication contained entirely within an ISO 7810/16-format smart card. This card offers means for security professionals to add biometric authentication to an access control or IT system, simply by upgrading cards.

"Based on the BCP-3 platform, the FSC-3012 allows accurate and reliable biometric security to be quickly and economically deployed," said Robert Allen, vice president of marketing and business development at Fidelica. "By embedding a flexible plastic fingerprint scanner, microprocessor, and capture and matching software into a standards compliant smart card, we have made possible a biometric credential which conclusively ties the card to the cardholder," Allen continued.

Placement of the entire biometric system on the card provides the FSC-3012 accuracy, flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

With the system, there is No need to replace or modify infrastructure or back-end systems. The FSC-3012 simply adds biometric security to existing systems. The card also eliminates the need to transfer fingerprint templates between the reader and the card, thereby reducing interface requirements and increasing speed of use.

The card also protects the cardholder's privacy because an authentication decision is the only data released from the card.

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