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Bosch To Acquire Extreme CCTV

Bosch is planning to acquire all shares of Extreme CCTV Inc., headquartered in Burnaby, Canada. With this acquisition, Bosch intends to boost its Security Systems division and extend its activities in video surveillance.

The transaction is subject to approval by the authorities and is expected to close in February 2008.

Extreme CCTV is a manufacturer and supplier of active infrared illuminators for high performance imaging in dark conditions and when visibility is poor, as well as video surveillance products for use in all kinds of extreme environmental conditions including heat, cold, and darkness. Furthermore, its product range includes systems for license-plate capture.

"In acquiring Extreme CCTV, we want to extend our leading position in the fast growing video-surveillance market," said Uwe Glock, president of the Bosch Security Systems division. "The company's innovative technologies will expand our product portfolio and strengthen our presence in Canada, the U.S. and the U.K.”

Bosch offers a wide range of systems and services in the area of video surveillance, access control, intruder and fire alarms, and evacuation systems. Bosch products include high-performance video cameras, digital recording and video management systems, wireless intruder alarm systems and video network products. Bosch Security Systems solutions are used in a wide range of industries, and applications such as banks, city centers, industrial complexes, retail stores, train stations and airports.

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