Mobile Data System Allows Information Sharing Between Police, Fire Personnel In Iowa Town

BIO-key International Inc. recently announced a new-customer contract award from the City of Dubuque (Iowa) Fire Department for MobileRescue, BIO-key's wireless messaging and data exchange solution for fire and emergency response.

By using MobileRescue, Dubuque's Fire Department personnel are now better able to track, deploy and manage resources using laptops -- installed in the agency's ambulances and command vehicles -- as well as desktop computers used by shift commanders. MobileRescue also allows Dubuque County's 911 Center to quickly and efficiently dispatch fire apparatus and rescue units to incidents and to communicate with responders while en route and on scene.

"Dispatchers love it," said Assistant Fire Chief Rick Steines. "With MobileRescue's interface to the county's computer aided dispatch (CAD) system, they know the current status of every unit. Additionally they're not tying up our tactical voice radio channels sending address and other information, which is now available to the responder on their screen."

A key factor behind Dubuque's selection of BIO-key's MobileRescue was that the solution enables the city's fire and rescue agencies to communicate with its police officers who also respond to most calls for service. Dubuque's Police Department has been a user of MobileCop, BIO-key's wireless law enforcement messaging and query solution, since 1994. Now all City fire, rescue and police personnel can share information with each other silently and securely to respond to an emergency call.

"Many jurisdictions that use MobileCop for law enforcement have discovered that adding MobileRescue for their fire and rescue agencies typically improves the efficiency and effectiveness of their first responders," said Michael DePasquale, president and CEO of BIO-key. "Deploying both solutions ultimately reduces ongoing IT support costs, generates additional savings in initial training and enables inter-agency information sharing while giving each department its own solution specifically designed to meet its unique needs."

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