IP Video Powers Surveillance System At Mustang Car Museum

A museum dedicated to the power and mystique of the Ford Mustang in Tampico, Mexico is using an IP video surveillance system to protect a fleet of the valued vehicles.

The museum has two general areas. The first area has capacity for 12 cars, and the second one for 15. There are also three individual areas, where visitors can admire the first generation of these American cars which achieved the first place at international races like Daytona and Lemans. The cars are Mustang Shelby Cobra, Cobra Daytona coupe and GT 40.

Dr. Roberto Gómez Tobías, manager of the museum, decided to watch and protect his facilities and his associates invaluable collection with a CCTV solution provided by BC Security, ACTi's certified partner in Mexico.

After knowing all the benefits from ACTi system which is offered and installed by BC Security, Tobías has decided to entirely replace the current analog CCTV surveillance system for an IP solution, mixing day/night cameras (ACTi ACM-1431N) and PTZ camera (ACTi CAM-6500N), with ACTi NVR servers, to keep track of everything that happens in his museum and his collection.

The ACTi solution allows multiple associates of the museum to obtain live preview of the museum as well retrieve recorded videos remotely and conveniently. Also, visitors to the museum’s Web site can view live video of the collection.

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