Study: Worldwide Market For Transportation-Based Video Surveillance To Reach $100 Million By 2011

A recent market study from IMS Research forecasts that the world market for video surveillance equipment onboard trains and trams is set to be worth almost $100 million by 2011. Rail transport authorities must contend with the daily, insidious problems of vandalism, theft and violent crime on train carriages. Onboard security cameras are a visual deterrent to would be criminals and also help to give the public a sense of safety.

Furthermore, high-profile terrorist attacks targeting trains in Tokyo, Moscow, Madrid and London have prompted governments and transport authorities to look for ways to secure their rolling stock.

“Globally, rail operators are choosing to deploy video surveillance equipment onboard train carriages for a number of reasons. On a daily basis it helps to deter criminal activities and provides a visual record when crimes are committed,” said market analyst Alastair Hayfield. “While these solutions may not necessarily deter terrorists, the failed July the 21st attacks in London showed that these systems, when used as part of an integrated transport surveillance system, can be used to track the motion of suspects.”

Europe is currently the dominant and most mature market for video surveillance onboard trains but the North American market is growing fastest with a double-digit CAGR forecast for the next five years. With recent project announcements around the world and rolling stock manufacturers offering video solutions as a factory option on new carriages, this market is on track for future growth.

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