RELM Wireless Announces New Two-Way Radio

RELM Wireless Corp. recently announced the introduction of its new state-of-the-science BK Radio KNG P150 digital portable two-way radio for use in homeland security and defense, law enforcement and similar public safety applications. The company will exhibit the product at Booth 1619 during GovSec, U.S. Law and Ready.

“The BK Radio KNG P150 sets a new benchmark for performance and value in providing reliable, critical communications among federal, state and local agencies,” said David Storey, RELM’s president and CEO. “This includes full compliance with the APCO P25 standard supporting interoperability between all radios from any manufacturer that meets the standard.

“Palm-size, weighing only a pound and with exceptionally long battery life and measurably superior audio quality, the easily programmable BK Radio KNG P150 meets or exceeds the performance of the best of our competitors’ products,” Storey says. “Other features include digital/analog talkback, ease of navigation and programming using a larger multi-line dot-matrix display, 100 programmable quick-call IDs and a long list of other advanced features and user options.”

Expanding on the radio’s small size and light weight, Storey says that “for agents in suits, male or female, these features should prove very attractive. Whereas people in uniform may have no problem carrying a bulky two-way radio on their belt, plainclothes people may not wish for communications to be so obvious. The KNG P150 solves that while delivering all and more of the features agents need to perform their duties.”

KNG P150 functions and features are primarily processor-based and software-defined so that enhancements, updates and upgrades can be added without reengineering hardware components. Programming can be transferred from one KNG P150 to another using cloning technology through an RS-232 cable.

Next-generation technology delivers notably superior audio quality even under noisy conditions. OTAR (over-the-air rekeying) enables rekeying encryption for radios in the field. Built-in user-selectable CTCSS/CDCSS tone-squelch helps differentiate talk groups and minimize undesired audio traffic. Busy-Channel Selections minimize interference and traffic-related interruptions. NIST-certified AES and DES/OFB encryption assures tight security, and the IP67 submersible rating adds up to increased r reliability. The KNG P150 also meets MIL-STD C/D/E/F specifications.

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