South Africa Rail Freight Operator Uses NICE IP Video Surveillance

NICE Systems Ltd. recently announced that Transnet Freight Rail, the leading provider of logistics and the largest rail operator in South Africa, has decided to standardize on NICE, undertaking a multi million-dollar project to implement NiceVision Net, NICE's end-to-end solution for IP video security. The NICE intelligent security solution will enable Transnet Freight Rail to monitor and record images from thousands of IP video surveillance cameras located throughout 670 sites across the country.

Transnet Freight Rail maintains an extensive rail network that represents 80 percent of South Africa's entire rail infrastructure. The NICE advanced IP video surveillance solution will enable three control centers to centrally manage the surveillance and security of all sites, coordinating the appropriate responses to threats and events. This implementation will enable Transnet Freight Rail to enhance its security and protect its highly distributed assets and buildings across South Africa.

"NICE is providing Transnet Freight Rail with a solution that encompasses all of our requirements," said Kay Nayager, National Manager of Security Technology for Transnet Freight Rail. "It is essential for our surveillance teams to be able to monitor and seamlessly record images from the thousands of IP-based video cameras installed throughout the country, ensuring the safe passage of all assets being transported across our rail infrastructure. NICE's IP-based security solution provides us with the tools to do this."

The NiceVision Net architecture includes the video security components required for high performance surveillance including encoders, NVRs, extensive event management and control room visualization. These components allow Transnet Freight Rail surveillance systems to be tailored precisely to the needs of each individual site, while meeting the security and operational needs of the Transnet Freight Rail organization as a whole.

"The Transnet Freight Rail selection demonstrates NICE's expertise in the delivery of IP-based surveillance technology solutions for the most extensive and widely distributed transport systems around the world," said Israel Livnat, president of NICE Systems Security Group.

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