Sagem Morpho Wins Award At Global Border Security Conference

Sagem Morpho Inc., a developer of biometric solutions, received the “Best Biometric Identification Technology” award for its MorphoFace Investigate (MFI) system, which was demonstrated recently at the 2008 Global Border Security Conference and Expo in Austin.

Sagem’s MFI is a scalable facial recognition application including case evidence management, biometric matching and forensic evaluation tools for investigative and crime solving tasks. MFI provides law enforcement and intelligence analysts with the tools required to identify individuals found in large databases of images, such as mugshot, driver’s license, or terrorist watch lists, using a wide array of visual evidence types as source material.

“We’re quite proud of this award which validates Sagem’s approach to biometric identification and intelligence analysis using facial recognition,” said Sagem Morpho CEO Bernard Gautier. “Sagem has invested significant resources into the development of MorphoFace Investigate.”

“MorphoFace Investigate received the Best Biometric Technology award for its ability to work with degraded images, even those containing obscured or partial faces and still find a match-- it’s exactly the type of evidence law enforcement and intelligence personnel regularly retrieve,” said Walter Hamilton, an Expo Judge and Chairman of the International Biometric Industry Association. “It is a very impressive and worthwhile technology.”

Sagem Morpho conducted a live demonstration of MFI at the Global Border Security Conference to showcase capabilities in immigration, investigative and forensic applications. Sagem Morpho also showed how MFI provides a flexible foundation upon which other matching services can be built, including mobile devices for use by police, customs and intelligence officers working in the field. This demonstration included enabling photos to be submitted for matching via any web browser or even via a cell phone camera using a standard Windows Mobile platform.

The underlying technology and facial algorithms incorporated in the Sagem Morpho MFI application are the basis of an automated border control system known as SmartGate now being used by the Australian Customs Service at four airports. SmartGate enables Australian Citizens to self-process through Immigration via an intelligent border control gate. It uses secure ePassport data to verify a traveler's identity by matching their face captured onsite to the facial biometric data stored on the passport.

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