The Child Project Powered By Iris Recognition Technology

The Child Project, powered by iris recognition technology, is continuing to expand across the country as 41 law enforcement agencies in the state of Maine recently were awarded the system.

The biometric technology is advanced, but the goal of the project is simple -- allow law enforcement and social services agencies to locate missing children and adults.

Completely voluntary, just like with other ID and fingerprint programs, the secure nationwide network and registry works like this. Children and adults enroll by taking a high-resolution photograph of their iris through via the biometric technology. The non-intrusive scan is taken by looking into a camera.

If the person is ever missing or lost, The Child Project compares the unique features of the iris to the database for positive identification.

The system, developed by Massachusetts-based Biometric Intelligence & Identification Technologies, uses Panasonic BM-ET330 iris recognition technology. The technology is also more precise than fingerprints and can tell the difference between twins or a person’s right or left eye.

And Maine law enforcement officials were please to be able to expand the system across the state, joining more than 1,600 other agencies in 25 states.

“I was honored and pleased to be the first law enforcement agency in Maine to implement this innovative system and technology in July of 2006,” said Bangor Sheriff Glen Ross. “I am even more please today to announce that through the exceptional generosity of an anonymous donor, my office is able to distribute The Child Project for use by 41 sheriffs’ offices and police departments across the State of Maine.

“As sworn law enforcement officers, we do everything we can each day to protect the citizens of our communities -- particularly those most vulnerable like our children and seniors We constantly strive to embrace improved techniques and technologies to improve public safety. Iris biometric technology and The Child Project are excellent examples of this innovation.”

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