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Canadian Driver’s License Authority Uses Biometrics To Screen Applicants

Digimarc Corp. recently announced that Manitoba Public Insurance has chosen Digimarc’s Facial Recognition Solution (FRS) to help screen applicants for driver’s licenses -- including its new Enhanced Driver’s License, a WHTI compliant travel document that will provide a convenient alternative to the passport for entering the U.S. at land and water border crossings.

Digimarc’s Facial Recognition Solution will be used by investigators to compare new photos taken for Manitoba driver’s licenses against all photos in the image database of Manitoba Public Insurance to quickly identify applicants attempting to obtain multiple licenses under different identities. This process has proven highly effective in helping driver’s license issuers rapidly uncover potential fraud in their databases and ensure that only one legitimate credential is issued per qualified applicant.

“We are delighted that Manitoba has selected Digimarc to provide the province with our proven facial recognition system to help them verify the identity of applicants before issuing a driver’s license,” said Bob Eckel, president of ID Systems for Digimarc. “Manitoba joins a growing number of jurisdictions adopting facial recognition solutions to help them combat identity fraud.”

“We are pleased to be working with Digimarc to help us implement facial recognition technology as part of our system upgrade to permit issuance of Enhanced Driver’s Licenses. The new Enhanced Driver’s License program will provide Manitoba citizens with a cost-effective, convenient option for border crossing. FRS will help us validate the identity of applicants, and speed the investigation of those suspected of fraud,” said Dan Guimond, vice president of Business Innovation and Insurance Operations for Manitoba Public Insurance.

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