Asian City To Install Municipal Security Command/Control System

Magal Security Systems recently announced that it has received an order for the installation of a municipal security command and control system in a capital city in Asia, based on its FORTIS System.

The first stage of this order which is expected to be completed by the end of August. Following completion of the initial stage, management expects the project to be expanded, and the total sum of the whole project is expected to reach approximately $3 million.

This order was received following the customer's review of the FORTIS System's performance in a number of major Israeli cities and local municipalities, which systems have been operational since July 2005.

The FORTIS System will integrate the command and control of the security systems in this Asian capital city, while protecting public areas, parks and educational facilities from acts of vandalism, burglary and sabotage, and increasing the sense of security for the residents in the city.

The FORTIS System is based on an advanced technology that includes dozens of sophisticated cameras, unique graphic control-centers and real-time live video of the protected perimeter zones under alert. The system enables the operator to promptly receive and dispatch live video and alerts, to and from security vehicles, via wide range wireless, consequently optimizing the operational response.

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