Racetrack Case Study Highlights IP-In-Action Live

IP access control is more than just plugging a piece of hardware onto a network or using a browser to view your data.

Dave Williams, VP Sales for Brivo Systems, will provide an overview of three types of IP-based access control: embedded, server-based, and hosted at IP User Group USA’s IP-in-Action Live conference Aug. 12 in Chicago.

The session will cover why IP matters, why it’s important to understand the differences, the benefits of each, and then, along with Williams, Chris Martin, Arlington Park Racetrack’s director of public safety and security, will discuss how Arlington Park’s security staff manages access to secured areas of the grandstand and the backstretch, a highly regulated area, where more than 2,100 horses are stabled.

For registration and information, visit http://www.ipusergroupusa.com.

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