North Carolina State Ports Authority Uses Mi5 Platform To Protect Network

Mi5 Networks recently announced that the North Carolina State Ports Authority has deployed the Mi5 Webgate platform to defend its network and prevent access to unauthorized Web sites.

Webgate performs continuous inspection of Web traffic between internal computers and the Internet to neutralize malicious URLs, active content, spyware, botnet Trojans and viruses.

“Protecting our employees from malicious and unauthorized websites and blocking malware concealed in Internet traffic before it can enter our network were key concerns for us,” said John Flisher, IT manager for North Carolina State Ports Authority. “The Webgate appliance from Mi5 Networks allows the Ports Authority to control web usage and neutralize malware with one high speed appliance that does not slow down Web page response times. Its ability to detect machines that are controlled by a botnet gives my IT team the added confidence of knowing that even if malware sneaks onto the network, we can identify it, block outgoing traffic and fix the machine before the problem can spread.”

North Carolina’s Ports in Wilmington and Morehead City, plus inland terminals in Charlotte and the Piedmont Triad in Greensboro, link the State’s consumers, businesses and industry to world markets, and serve as magnets to attract new business and industry.

Port activities contribute statewide to 85,000 jobs and $299 million each year in state and local tax revenues. North Carolina Ports’ computer network helps maintain operations, communications, and management of inbound/outbound vessel traffic, cargo, customs and warehousing.

“The North Carolina State Ports Authority relies on its network and the Internet to maintain a safe, orderly, and efficient flow of goods in and out of its four facilities,” said Doug Camplejohn, founder and CEO of Mi5 Networks. “The Webgate appliance allows North Carolina Ports’ personnel to safely access web resources they need to do their jobs, without slowing them down. For the IT department, Webgate combines content filtering and comprehensive protection against Internet malware in one easy to manage appliance that has zero impact on network performance.”

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