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ICOP Mobile DVR Designed For Buses

ICOP Digital Inc. is showcasing its latest mobile digital video surveillance product, the ICOP Model 4000 next-generation mobile DVR system for buses, at Booth 4643 at ASIS 2008.

Later phases of the product will provide a powerful and unique solution for mass transit and passenger rail.

The ICOP Model 4000 combines the advantages of high-resolution digital video recording with shockproof mounts and vibration tolerance to deliver high-quality video.

The system incorporates all the benefits of digital video recording and is capable of accepting any analog NTSC camera, making it an ideal, cost-effective solution for transit entities looking to upgrade from VCR systems. With a four- or eight-channel DVR capable of supporting up to eight simultaneous feeds, the ICOP Model 4000 also allows each camera to be customized with specific frame rates, resolutions and activation triggers.

The ICOP Model 4000 is quickly proving to be a valuable asset for ICOP's customers, offering numerous real world cost-saving, passenger safety and crime-deterring benefits.

An incident was recently relayed to ICOP by a local school district engaged in deploying ICOP Model 4000 systems in its school bus fleet. According to school officials, the ICOP Model 4000 captured video of a student who was showing other riders a knife she had carried onboard the school bus.

The same video also reflected another student pointing at the camera, indicating that she clearly understood that the captured video would likely lead to severe consequences for the knife-toting child.

Other actual incidents involving metro transit buses also speak to the ICOP Model 4000's value in dissuading fraudulent claims, such as con artists "slip and fall" injuries, thus preventing costly and unfounded lawsuits and saving taxpayer dollars. The unblinking 'eye' of multiple cameras used onboard school and city transit buses serves to influence 'good behavior' and enhanced safety of bus passengers while discouraging theft, vandalism and other even more serious crimes from occurring.

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