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Round Two Of ASIS In The Books

This tradeshow reminds me a little bit like running a marathon. OK, it wouldn’t seem like I’d know much about marathons, but I’ve actually run one. My legs hurt and my feet feel like cinderblocks. The good part is everything I’ve learned is safety stored upstairs.

ASIS is a celebration of technology.

The Georgia World Conference Center must be three miles wide, but from one end to the other are amazing tools to help you do your job better. Let’s take a look.

In the fight against drug-related crime, the major of Bayamon, Puerto Rico deployed a video surveillance system that has achieved 94 convictions. The city recently renewed a three-year urban renewal program to remote parts of the city, using Firetide’s wireless network. This solution connects surveillance cameras to a central command center. The video system allows officers to intervene before a crime is committed, on average 62 times per month.

Bonneville Construction SE, installed the cameras, which saves money for police, court and prison systems in Puerto Rico.

To me, this is a celebration of technology because in many instances when the accused see the evidence against them, they admit to the crime, saving costs for the courts and prison systems. In fact, it works so well that Bayamon law enforcement is planning the next phase of the video surveillance system. Once approved, police cars will be outfitted with wireless mesh nodes to allow officers to send and receive video between patrol cars and the security command center.

Coming soon, HID will make avail able the OMNIKEY 632CLiUSB Reader. Available in November, the smart card reader represents a convenient dongle-size device. It will read and write to any contactless HID iCLASS card, and it supports mobile end-user environments where contactless smart card technologies are used. See what I mean about technology?

Because schools get and desire a lot of attention, I wanted you to be aware that Furman University is among the first users of the ADT select link Emergency Notification System. This communications system is capable of simultaneously sending thousands of text or voice messages to cell phone, desktop and laptop computers, PDAs and digital pagers.

Legislation signed by President Bush in August requires all U.S. colleges and universities to immediately notify students and staff in event of a significant campus emergency.

ASIS allows me to talk with potential writers and authors for 2009. There are so many people in this industry willing to share knowledge and experience. I’m looking forward to filling our pages with interesting articles and case studies. So far, the tradeshow seems to be a whopping success. I’m anxious to share tomorrow’s experiences with you on Thursday.

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