Department Of Defense Division Selects Fargo Printer/Encoders

HID Global recently announced that it has been selected to supply its Fargo HDP5000-LC printer/encoders to the Department of Defense (DoD) Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC).

As part of the DMDC’s migration to the next generation of ID card printers, the HDP5000-LC units will be utilized throughout the DMDC to support its Identity Protection and Management projects.

The primary use of the Fargo HDP5000-LC printer will be to support the DoD’s Common Access Card (CAC) program, which annually produces more than 3 million technology cards. The FIPS 201-compliant printer will be offered as a solution via a contract recently awarded to Telos Corp. of Ashburn, Va. This contract spans a 5-year period (a one-year contract with four, single-year extension options).

The HDP5000-LC printers will be deployed worldwide beginning in the fourth quarter to support fixed ID card systems installed at more than1,000 sites. A follow-on order is expected later this year to complete the update of the remaining DMDC mobile and shipboard CAC systems that are deployed.

“This contract reinforces our leadership position in the secure issuance market and fully demonstrates our ability to continually meet and exceed customer expectations for ID credentials,” said Denis Hébert, president and CEO of HID Global. “We are pleased to further extend our business relationship with the DoD and Telos and look forward to providing ID card security solutions to them for years to come.”

HID’s Fargo HDP5000-LC printer was selected after numerous printers from various manufacturers were lab-tested and subjected to extensive field evaluation. The results of the testing were combined with reviews of vendor responsiveness, environmental durability, shipping and field durability, maintenance and cost data. HID’s Fargo printers have been a part of the DMDC system solution for more than 10 years.

The HDP5000-LC was developed with the unique demands of the DoD in mind, this includes advanced security features and light-weight, modular components.

Based on patented High Definition Printing technology, the HDP5000-LC prints images onto the under side of a special film that fuses to the surface of a card through heat and pressure. Since this process transfers dyes and resins directly onto a smooth, flexible film, the printhead never comes in contact with the card surface itself. As such, print quality is not affected by card surface imperfections that are not even with the card surface, such as smart chips, ridges caused by the internal antennae or debris. Similarly, smart chips or antennas are unaffected by heat from the printhead.

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