DHL Uses Video Analytics To Protect European Sites

ioimage recently announced its video analytics solution has been implemented at several DHL Express sites throughout Europe, including Heathrow Airport in the UK and Leipzig Airport in Germany, as well as ground hubs, terminals and other facilities in Bonn, Germany, Genk, Belgium and Budapest, Hungary. DHL locations in Spain and Italy are also currently being equipped with ioimage intelligent video while similar projects are in the pipeline in a number of other European countries.

DHL Express is a global provider of international road, air and rail-based courier and express services. In a project spanning the past three years, the company has been upgrading its security systems in Europe in order to enhance the security of its facilities and comply with EU regulations.

A key component in the upgrade is the incorporation of video analytics, serving to detect intruders and perimeter breaches, protect against theft and identify suspicious activity around the aircraft and in the facilities. These applications are crucial to secure DHL’s ground operation and airport sorting hubs, where thousands of packages are delivered every hour. Furthermore, once the cargo has been screened, EU security regulations stipulate it must be constantly monitored until take-off.

All of the sites presented unique security challenges with regards to size and structural and operational complexity. For example, the new aviation hub at Leipzig/Halle Airport, DHL’s main distribution hub measuring 48,000 square meters, entails surveillance of up to 1,500 tons of freight and up to 60 aircraft daily. Pinpointing only relevant incidents out of thousands of activities monitored by immense CCTV array, ioimage's video analytics enables DHL to conduct practical and effective surveillance.

After rigorously testing head to head several analytics vendors and sensor products, DHL selected ioimage intelligent video to monitor these critical sites. ioimage’s solution proved to be the most effective and the most efficient in dealing with environmental challenges and overcoming the problem of multiple false alarms, significantly reducing the number of human guards required to perform security tasks. ioimage’s intelligent video appliances were also able to seamlessly integrate with existing DHL security system components.

DHL European security management works closely with ioimage in developing security solutions, expressed with uncompromising support from ioimage in finding pragmatic and cost effective solution in demanding field conditions.

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