Tips: Stay Safe While Mall Shopping

Lee Pernice, a retail expert with ADT, offers holiday shoppers tips to help them stay safe during a hectic day at the mall.

  • Be aware of where you park your car. Much of the theft and violent events at shopping centers happen in parking lots and garages. Always park in well-lit structures and lots, especially when shopping after dark.
  • Put packages in the trunk of your car, or in another concealed spot.
  • Don’t overburden yourself. Consolidating your packages and keeping at least one hand free makes you less of a target for thieves.
  • Make a plan in case your children become separated from you. Teach them to look for people who can help, such as a uniformed security officer or a salesperson with a nametag.
  • Avoid becoming an accidental shoplifter. Make sure all anti-shoplifting tags are removed or deactivated before leaving the store.
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