California Mall Installs Wireless Video Surveillance System

Azalea Networks recently announced the installation of a wireless video surveillance system at Lakewood Center Mall in southern California. The video surveillance system uses Azalea’s wireless mesh network leveraging the video quality of Azalea’s Active Video Transport technology.

To provide for the safety and security of its shoppers, mall officials needed to install a video surveillance system covering the parking lots and surrounding area of a series of stores and restaurants located across a busy street from the surveillance center.

The high cost of running fiber across the street and parking lots, as well as the inconvenience and lost tenant revenue associated with digging made a wireless video solution the preferred option.

Electronic Times, an integrator on the project, looked to Azalea Networks for a solution.

“With the location of the coverage area across a busy street from the surveillance center, it could have cost more than $100,000 to dig and bury fiber to connect all the cameras,” said Michael Mercado, president of Electronic Times. “Azalea provided the best option to permit high quality video to be sent wirelessly over a mesh network and the ease of deploying their solution was instrumental in keeping the project costs down.”

Covering an area approximately five square blocks, the Azalea wireless mesh network offered Lakewood Center Mall strong video quality for a fraction of the cost of burying fiber.

The Azalea AVT video solution leverages a routing technology that preserves video packets, minimizes jitter, and maximizes throughput over multiple hops, which is where many wireless mesh technologies lose significant bandwidth.

The ability to maintain maximum throughput over multiple hops allows a network to require fewer gateway nodes, which not only decreases the deployment costs but also permits scaling of the network over time.

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